Day 4 of NaNoWriMo 2012

Today was Sunday and since everyone is home so it had the potential to be a difficult day for finding interruption free writing time. so I am pleased to say it was actually my most productive day so far.

1939 words means my average daily word count needed to meet the deadline reduced even further. Not bad considering I spent way too long on Pinterest today and even went as far as making liquid soap from bar soap. I read all the comments too and did all the snot reducing techniques. But probably shouldn’t have used the hand mixer on it because it thickened it up too much so I had to reconstitute with more water. Still we have homemade liquid soap and lots more to refill the containers with for less than $1- the cost of the soap. I used Olive oil in place of glycerin and it seems to have been successful.

So despite my best procrastination techniques I made good – yay me!

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